Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola’s Husband: A History of the Italian Aristocracy

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was the daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici, youngest son of Lorenzo the Magnificent, ruler of Florence. Cleopatra married Niccolò Machiavelli in 1469, shortly after her father’s death. As a result of her marriage, she became one of the most powerful and influential women in Italy. Her husband was an important figure in Florentine politics and played a significant role in the unification of Italy under the rule of the Medici family.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola’s Husband: A History of the Italian Aristocracy is a detailed history of one of the most influential aristocratic families in Italian history. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is well-known for her marriage to Niccolò Machiavelli, which helped to unite Italy and cement her family’s position as one of the most powerful and influential aristocratic families in Italian history.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola’s Husband

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola’s husband was a member of the Italian aristocracy and his family had ties to the Roman Republic. He was also a politician and served as the Prime Minister of Italy from 1876 to 1882. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was born into a wealthy Italian family in 1792. She married her husband, Niccolò Toivola, in 1816. The couple had four children together. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola died in 1893.

The Italian Aristocracy

The Italian Aristocracy refers to the feudal aristocracy that ruled over Italy during the Middle Ages. The nobility was made up of a small number of families that had been able to maintain their power and privileges through political and military alliances.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was born in 1292 into one of the most powerful families in Italy. Her father, Thomas Toivola, was a prominent nobleman and her mother, Isabella d’Este, was a sister of King Philip IV of France. Cleopatra married Count Licciardo-Toivola in 1315 and they had six children together.

Count Licciardo-Toivola played an important role in politics during the late Middle Ages. He served as governor of several provinces and was also responsible for defending Italy against the Black Death pandemic. Cleopatra played an active role in her husband’s life and helped him to maintain his influence and power. She was known for her intelligence and administrative skills, which made her an excellent adviser to her husband.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola died in 1354 at the age of 46 years old. She remains one of the most famous women in Italian history and is considered to be one of the most influential aristocrats of her time.

The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in world history. It reached its height under Emperor Augustus, and after his death it began to decline.The Western Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, while the Eastern Roman Empire continued to exist until 1453 AD when it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola (27 BC – 30 BC) was a queen of the Eastern Roman Empire who married Sextus Julius Africanus, a politician and general from northeastern Africa. Cleopatra is best known for her involvement in the Ptolemaic conspiracy, which sought to free Egypt from Roman rule. Her husband died in 41 BC, leaving her with two young children. She later married Mark Antony, who became her second husband and lover. In 33 BC, Antony led an army against Octavian (later Augustus), who had become the emperor of Rome following Caesar’s death. Cleopatra and Antony were defeated at the Battle of Actium and committed suicide rather than be captured or killed by Octavian.

Cleopatra’s Relationship with Rome

Cleopatra was married to Ptolemy XII Auletes, a Macedonian king who had been captured by Julius Caesar in 46 BC. Caesar made him an ally of Rome and Auletes became one of the most powerful men in the Roman world. Cleopatra and Ptolemy had two children, Ptolemy XIII Euergetes and Cleopatra Selene I. In late 41 BC, Auletes was killed in a conspiracy led by Lepidus and Octavian, his eldest son. Cleopatra quickly remarried to her brother-in-law, Ptolemy XII’s son, Ptolemy XIV Euergetes.

Ptolemy XIV was only twelve years old when he became Pharaoh in March 40 BC. He was very obedient to his mother and she continued to rule Egypt as regent while he lived in Rome with his grandmother Queen Arsinoe II. In 30 BC, when Ptolemy XV was eighteen years old, Queen Arsinoe died and Cleopatra became the sole ruler of Egypt. She ruled until her death in 29 BC.

During her reign, Cleopatra attempted to maintain good relations with Rome while remaining independent of her brother-in-law’s control. She sent military aid to the Pompeians during their civil war against Octavian and supported Mark Antony during his struggle against Octavian for control of Rome. However, after defeating

The Death of Cleopatra and the Fall of the Roman Empire

Cleopatra’s death in 30 B.C. marked the end of an era for the Roman Empire. The last of the great pharaohs, she had ruled Egypt with a powerful hand for almost thirty years, during which time she had extended Roman influence into Syria and Anatolia. Her reign was also marked by great military success; when Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon in 44 B.C., he found her already at war with his rival Pompey.

Caesar’s murder in 44 B.C. left Cleopatra free to pursue an alliance with Mark Antony, who quickly became her lover and most trusted advisor. In 31 B.C., they sailed across the Mediterranean to join forces with Octavian (later Augustus), Caesar’s adopted son and heir apparent, against Antony’s former ally Brutus and Cassius. After victory in the Battle of Actium in 31 B.C., Antony and Cleopatra were sole rulers of Rome, marking the beginning of the end for the Republic.

Cleopatra VII was not content to be a passive queen; she spent vast sums on public works, including a magnificent aqueduct that still stands today at Baalbek in Lebanon. She also secured alliances with Parthian and Syrian kings, expanded her dominion into North Africa, and even campaigned in Britain (an act that may have been responsible for Tacitus’ famous description of “the decline and fall of the Roman Empire”).


Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, Instagram

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is a member of the Italian aristocracy, and she married one of Italy’s most famous aristocrats in 2014. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola’s husband is Gianni Toivola, and the couple has two children. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was born in 1982 in Rome, Italy, to an aristocratic family. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola attended boarding school in Switzerland and then studied at the University of Milan. She later moved to London to study law at King’s College London.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola began her career as a lawyer, but she later decided to switch gears and become an actress. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola made her acting debut in 2009 with a small role in the film The Special Relationship. In 2014, Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola married Gianni Toivola. The couple has two children – a son and a daughter – and they currently live in Milan. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is an accomplished actress, and she has appeared in numerous films and television shows throughout her career. Her most recent acting credit is the 2018 film Gotti: American Crime Story.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, net worth

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola is married to the Italian aristocrat and businessman Piero Toivola. The couple has two children and their net worth is estimated at $1 billion. Cleopatra is from a wealthy family and her husband also has a fortune. They first met in 1994 when he was working for his family’s business. They married in 1998 and have since built a successful empire together. Piero is known for his involvement in many charitable organizations and he also has a strong political background, having served as the chairman of several major Italian companies.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, biography

His given name was Fulco Antonio Toivola and he was born in 1871. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola met Fulco Antonio Toivola while they were both students at the University of Rome. They married in 1897 and had two children together.

After their marriage, Fulco Antonio Toivola became a successful lawyer and politician. He served as a member of the Italian Parliament for various constituencies and also held various government positions. He also served as President of the Italian Red Cross for a period of time.

Fulco Antonio Toivola died in 1951 at the age of 83. Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola continued to live quietly after his death until she passed away in 1990 at the age of 101.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, wife

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was the wife of the Italian aristocrat, Count Gaetano Toivola. Born in 1815, Cleopatra was the daughter of a wealthy Italian banker. In 1843, she met her future husband at a ball in Rome. The two were married the following year and had four children together: Giuseppe, Constanzo, Vittoria, and Isabella.

Cleopatra was a highly influential woman in her era. She played an important role in her husband’s political career and worked to improve her country’s social conditions. Cleopatra died in 1898 and is buried alongside her husband in the Catacombs of Saint Callixtus Outside Rome.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, children

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was married to the Italian aristocrat, Giovanni Licciardo-Toivola. The couple had three children: Giorgio, Caterina, and Tiberio. Cleopatra was a very active woman who enjoyed spending time with her family. She was also a passionate advocate for women’s rights. Giovanni died in 1875, leaving Cleopatra heartbroken. She continued to live a lavish lifestyle after her husband’s death, but eventually passed away in 1931 at the age of ninety-six.

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola husband, family

Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was born on September 6, 1898 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Her father was the Italian aristocrat and ambassador to the United States Piero Toivola and her mother was the American socialite Cleopatra Vanderbilt. Cleopatra married Prince Amerigo di Crotone in 1922 and they had two children together: a daughter named Maria Teresa (1923-2002) and a son named Carlo (1925-2004). The couple divorced in 1937.

After her divorce from Prince Amerigo Cleopatra remarried on October 24, 1938 to Count Emmanuel de Rohan-Chabot a French nobleman who was also known as Count d’Erlon, The couple divorced in 1944.

Cleopatra subsequently married Nicola Licciardo on April 2, 1947 and they were together until his death in 1949. Cleopatra then married Giovanni Toivola on December 21, 1951 and they were together until his death in 1984. Throughout her marriages, Cleopatra remained popularly known as “Cleo” or “Pippa.”

Cleopatra died on December 4th of 2016 at the age of 96 after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.


Cleopatra Licciardo-Toivola was born in 1793 to a powerful noble family of the Italian aristocracy. She married, in 1814, Benedetto Toivola, a man of similar rank and wealth. Cleopatra quickly became one of the most influential women in Italy and wielded great power over her husband and their large court. She ruled with an iron fist until her death, forty years later, in 1881.

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