Virtual Book Tours – Being a part of a Team Means Commitment and Consideration

I recently created a yahoo group, Virtual Book Tours. it had been created as an immediate result of the Muse Online Conference in October of this year. one among the workshops I joined was Book Marketing by Denise Casino. This workshop was jammed full of very useful information and Ms. Casino suggested the attendees of the workshop do virtual book tours for every other. She even went thus far on create an inventory of interested attendees.

After the conference i made a decision i might initiate the virtual tours so I contacted the opposite attendees and even posted notices in other groups I belong to.

The group may be a win-win marketing tool for each member. We host each other and use other marketing tools and methods to assist one another get our names and books out there. While no member can lose anything you are doing become a neighborhood of a team and it does take a touch of commitment and time. like any team, the members depend upon one another to follow through. we’ve new rotation schedules partnering members twice a month. Within each rotation every member may be a guest to a different member and each member is host to a different member. There are new members joining our group fairly regularly and there’s no problem adding them into an upcoming rotation. a drag does arise when a member leaves abruptly.

November 15th was our first tour and after the schedule was prepared and every member worked on preparing their guest’s information, a member quit the group. This member’s guest was left without a number . Fortunately, i used to be ready to work around it.

Our next rotation is December 1st and therefore the schedule was prepared several days ago. After its preparation four members quit the group. These members were all liable for hosting another member of the group. just one had the consideration to supply to follow through together with her hosting commitment for this rotation. It made me begin to wonder what being a part of a team, any team, should mean to its members. the 2 words that immediately came to mind were commitment and consideration.

Commitment may be a pledge or promise to try to to something and dedication to a course of action. As a member of a gaggle or team, commitment means fulfilling your responsibilities to the group and its members. Consideration means to offer careful thought to something, to be thoughtful and sympathetic in reference to others. As a teammate, consideration means thinking of the opposite members of the group and what effect your actions will wear them.

It is understandable that everybody is busy today and should not be ready to continue with a gaggle . it’s going to be knowing study a gaggle before you join. At the very least, if you select to go away a gaggle , you would possibly be considerate and if in the least possible leave at a time that you simply won’t be letting the opposite members or the group as an entire down

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