Why Robsol Pinkett, Jr. Is The Man To Watch In 2022!

At the end of every Winter Olympics, there’s always a moment when everyone asks the same question: Who are we going to be watching in 2022? With the rise of streaming services and social media, top athletes now have as many opportunities to grow a fan base as they do sponsorship deals. But which athletes are poised to capitalize on their exposure over the next four years?

The answer is Robsol Pinkett, Jr., an Olympic skeleton athlete from Guyana. And why should you care about this obscure guy who most people have never heard of? Because if you fast forward to 2022 and take into account the cutthroat nature of professional sports—and combine these two things with Mr. Pinkett’s Amazonian combination of beauty, brains, and brawn—the odds strongly suggest that he’ll be one of the global stars leading us into the next Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Why Robsol Pinkett, Jr. Is Our 2022 Guy

Athletes are held to a higher standard than almost any other profession. They’re expected to be good citizens, role models for children, and a source of inspiration for people from all walks of life. And because of this, we want them to be attractive. We want them to be relatable.

And we want them to be able to connect with us on a human level. That’s why—from Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan to LeBron James and Tom Brady—the most successful athletes in sports are almost always the ones who transcend their individual sports. They’re the ones we look at and think, “He’s more than just a golfer, basketball player, or quarterback. He’s a true crossover star who is as comfortable on the red carpet as he is on the playing field.”

He’s Already Making A Splash on Social Media

The most surefire way to tell if someone is destined to become a global star is to look at how they conduct themselves on social media. Do they use it for self-promotion and shameless plugging or do they use it to connect with people on a human level? You can already see the difference in the social media presence of Robsol Pinkett, Jr. and some of his fellow competitors.

While some are plugging their apparel and other merchandise or trying to score new sponsor deals, Robson is already using his social media platform to connect with people. He’s posting uplifting messages, discussing social issues, and connecting with fans from his home in Guyana as well as fans in the United States.

He’s Got The Goods To Compete With The Big Boys

We’ve talked about his appeal and his social media savvy, but we’ve yet to address one crucial factor: Can he back it up? Yes, he can. And he does. As of this writing, Robson is currently listed as the 10th fastest Olympic skeleton athlete in the world. That’s good enough to make it to the finals of the Olympics and he’s poised to make a run for a top spot in 2022.

His speed and agility are unmatched and with another four years to hone his craft, he has the potential to become one of the biggest names in the Olympic world. And if you’re still worried about him not making a dent in the United States market, don’t be. He’s fluent in English and Spanish, and he’s already starting to make his rounds on U.S. television.

What this all boils down to is this: The world is changing. We’re transitioning from the old world of cable TV and print publications to the new world of online streaming and social media. And with that transition comes a complete reset in the way we consume and engage with entertainment and sports. And people like Robsol Pinkett, Jr. are poised to reap the benefits of this transformation.

They’re young, athletic, and speak to a new generation of fans who aren’t necessarily going to be watching the Winter Olympics or reading People magazine. Instead, they’ll be watching their favorite content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube. And the athletes and celebrities who best understand how to engage with this new generation of fans will be reaping the benefits for years to come.

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