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Do you want to purchase a t-shirt with a design of your own? Are you trying to figure out how to turn your shirt design into a reality? Rare custom is the place to go if you want your shirt design to become a reality.

T-shirts, however, are the most popular and widely worn of all. But do you know the backstory of t-shirts? It’s difficult to believe that before 1900, the all-American attire of blue jeans and white t-shirts didn’t exist. The t-shirt is nearly as old as most of you assumed. So, in this article, we will discuss t-shirts and how they became a part of our fashion. After discussing t-shirts, we will go on to the primary focus of our discussion, customized t-shirts. We also talked about the platform that allows you to design your t-shirts.

History of T-shirts

From dads mowing their lawns to tie-dye hippies to modern-day streetwear, there is the T-shirt for everyone. The t-shirt has now become iconic. You see, if you lived in 1800, you’d most likely wear a union suit as your underwear. In 1920, the term “t-shirt” was added to the Webster dictionary.

How did T-shirts become so popular?

In reality, the t-shirt first appeared in film in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Where the workmen stuff the scarecrow with various materials in Emerald City. However, in 1947, a streetcar named Desire debuted on Broadway, starring Marlon Brando in a plain white t-shirt and Levi’s 501s. In 1955, James Dean wore a white t-shirt in the film Rebel Without a Cause. So, you’ve got two famous individuals, so it’s bound to catch on with the youth. As a result, by the 1960s, the t-shirt had become highly popular among teenagers, and bands and firms rushed to print their logos on them, creating walking billboards. However, screen-printed teas were first seen in 1940, when the cover of Life magazine featured an air corps gunnery school t-shirt. T-shirts began to gain popularity in this manner, eventually becoming the most popular garment in the history of clothing.

T-shirts in the modern-day

So, in the present era, the variety of T-shirts available may astonish you. There are several variations, build qualities, and, of course, costs to match. Customized t-shirts are one of the most popular methods, although it is relatively new compared to other methods. In the twenty-first century, you can order t-shirts with your design printed on them. Furthermore, thanks to technological improvements, you no longer need to leave your house to buy t-shirts. All you have to do is search the internet for an online store that sells customized t-shirts. Because there are so many online shops, it has been challenging to choose the proper one. Don’t worry; we’ve finally found the right one for you.

Rare custom is a store that allows consumers to design their t-shirts. You can create T-shirts and have them printed at The Shop to give your wardrobe a personal touch. It is now much easier to acquire your own personalized t-shirts thanks to the internet. All you have to do is send your T-shirt design to the business, and they will deliver your vision to your door. Additionally. How will you design your apparel?” is one of the most important subjects to discuss. What’s the course to follow? The Online Shop comes with some great design tools that allow you to create your own creative design and art by mixing various fonts. templates, and artworks. The Shop then revives your designs and graphics on custom polo shirts and tee shirts.

According to the Shop’s website. there is no need to burn out your legs strolling around shopping malls or sit in front of your computer for hours. You may quickly create your shirt and have it delivered to your home in a short period.

Steps on how to design your shirts at rare custom.

Because the Shop is an online business, consumers may now use The Shop’s design tools more efficiently.

The following are the steps for designing your shirts.

1st step: Selection

It would be best if you first chose a Shirt. You may use whatever color you like. It may be any color: orange, yellow, green, or any other. You may select the style of shirt that looks best on you after you’ve chosen the color.

2nd Step: Designing

The second stage is crucial since it influences the final appearance of your product. You must utilize the Shop’s design tools at this step. You must include both images and text in this section. Flowers, abstract motifs, natural landscapes, and several other designs can be used. One-word text or long phrases can be used in several ways. You may also have your artwork printed on your shirt by uploading it.

3rd Step: Ordering

Last but not least, you must place your order. The Size, combinations, and quantity must all be chosen in this stage.

4th Step: Usage

All you have to do now is sit back and relax. Meanwhile, the Shop will start making the Shirts for you. The Shop will print your shirts with care and deliver them to your home.


The t-shirt is almost as old as the majority of you assumed. Now, in the twenty-first century, you may get t-shirts with your favorite design printed on them. Furthermore, thanks to technological developments, you no longer need to leave your house to buy t-shirts. All you have to do is go on the internet and look for an online store that sells personalized t-shirts. Rare custom is an excellent website to go to if you want to get your hands on your own custom-designed t-shirts. So don’t be concerned; visit the website to gain firsthand knowledge of how it works.

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