last official discussion directed by Kristen Welker

Here is the full record of the last official discussion between President Donald Trump and previous VP Joe Biden, directed by Kristen Welker in Nashville on Oct. 22, 2021. Headers have been added for simplicity of perusing.

[0:00] Welker: An awesome evening to both of you. This discussion will cover six significant themes. Toward the start of each part, every competitor will have two minutes, continuous, to address my first inquiry.

The discussion commission will then, at that point, turn on their amplifier just when it is their chance to reply, and the commission will turn it off precisely when the two minutes have lapsed. From that point forward, the two receivers will stay on, yet for the benefit of the electors, I will request that you if it’s not too much trouble, talk each in turn.

The objective is for you to hear one another and for the American public to hear each expression of what you both need to say. Thus with that, in case you’re prepared, how about we start.

Also, we will start with the battle against the Covid. President Trump, the primary inquiry is for you. The nation is going into a perilous new stage. In excess of 40,000 Americans are in the emergency clinic around evening time with Coronavirus, incorporating record numbers here in Tennessee.

Furthermore, since you two last shared a phase, 16,000 Americans have passed on from Coronavirus. So kindly be explicit: how might you leave the country during this next phase of the Covid emergency? Two minutes, continuous.

Trump and Biden on Coronavirus

[1:03] Trump: Along these lines, as you most likely are aware, more 2.2 million individuals, demonstrated out, were relied upon to pass on. We shut everything down most noteworthy economy on the planet to battle this awful infection that came from China.

It’s an overall pandemic. Everything’s over the world. You see the spikes in Europe and numerous different places at this moment. If you notice, the death rate is down, 85%. The overabundance death rate is way down, and much lower than practically some other country.

Also, we’re battling it and we’re contending energetically. There is a spike. There was a spike in Florida, and it’s currently gone. There was an exceptionally enormous spike in Texas, it’s currently gone. There was an exceptionally enormous spike in Arizona, it’s presently gone. Also, there were a few spikes and floods in different spots. They will before long be gone.

We have an immunization that is coming, it’s prepared. It will be reported in practically no time, and it will be conveyed. We have Activity Twist Speed, which is the military, will appropriate the antibody. I can tell you from individual experience that I was in the medical clinic, I had it.

Also, I improved and I will let you know that I had something that they gave me — a helpful, I surmise they would call it. Certain individuals could say it was a fix. However, I was in for a brief timeframe and I improved extremely quick or I wouldn’t be here around evening time. What’s more, presently they say I’m insusceptible.

Regardless of whether it’s four months or a lifetime, no one’s had the option to say that, however I’m insusceptible. An ever increasing number of individuals are improving. We have an issue that is an overall issue. This is an overall issue, however I’ve been saluted by the heads of numerous nations on what we’ve had the option to do with the — if you investigate what we’ve done as far as goggles and covers and outfits and all the other things, and specifically, ventilators.

We’re presently making ventilators. Everywhere, a great many a month, circulating them from one side of the planet to the other, it will disappear and as I say, we’re adjusting the turn, we’re adjusting the corner, it’s disappearing.

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