Kekma Net Worth 2022

The company is slowly becoming synonymous with digital learning and has come up with some fascinating solutions for the same.

With bigwigs like Google partnering with Kekma to advance its AI platform, it is evident that there’s more to this company than meets the eye. Although Kekma still has a long way to go before attaining global success, we take a brief look at what makes this company stand out from the rest of its competitors:

What is Kekma?

The platform’s AI engine uses data analytics to recommend the next course based on performance in the current course. Kekma’s platform features an integrated assessment engine that allows for increased scalability and standardization, making it a reliable solution for all. Keema acquired the popular Help Desk software company Freshdesk in 2018.

Freshdesk acquisition by Kekma

Keema bought Freshdesk, a customer service software, in December 2018. Kekma’s digital product offerings. In addition to this, the deal will also allow Kekma to add more customers, thereby increasing its revenues.

Post the acquisition, Freshdesk will operate as a separate entity. This comes as a relief to all the customers of Freshdesk, as they have nothing to worry about.

Kekma’s AI Platform and its benefits

Kekma’s AI solution allows businesses to automate a portion of their operations. The solution comes with features like content curation, automated grading, and certification. The AI-based platform enables businesses to create e-learning solutions in a few hours instead of months. The platform also helps businesses to create interactive content, which is best for employee training. Additionally, the platform uses data analytics to recommend the next course based on performance in the current course.

Kekma Edutor and its features

Kekma’s Editor is a live virtual classroom that allows educators to create interactive courses.

The Road Ahead for Kekma

With its focus on healthcare, Kekma has the potential to become much more than just an e-learning platform. With hospitals and doctors increasingly looking for digital solutions, Kekma can become an integral part of healthcare. However, as we mentioned earlier, Kekma has a long way to go before becoming a household name. For now, we’ll just have to wait and watch how far this company can go.


Keema has successfully created a niche for itself in the e-learning sector.

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