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José Marín, otherwise called Trino Marìn, is the primary companion of the late Jenni Rivera. Dolores Saavedra, referred to general society as Jenni Rivera, was an American artist, lyricist. Alongside this, she was likewise an entertainer, representative, giver, TV maker, and business person.

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  • 31 years jail sentence
  • Passing of ex in a plane accident
  • Jose Trinidad relationship status
  • Is José in prison?


José Marín, otherwise called Trino Marìn, is the principal mate of the late Jenni Rivera. Dolores Saavedra, referred to people in general as Jenni Rivera, was an American vocalist, musician. Alongside this, she was likewise an entertainer, representative, humanitarian, TV maker, and business visionary.

Jose Trinidad early life

José was brought into the world on February 15, 1964, in California, USA. In February 2021, he turned 57 years of age. The man has a light complexion with a sound body. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall and has a very much outlined strong body weighing 67 kg. José’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, and he has a place with a blended identity.

Besides, he is likewise a reliable adherent and firm devotee of Christianity. Discussing his family, scarcely any data on Trinidad’s folks are known. Notwithstanding, he has a sibling yet, still, the name is obscure.

He initially met Jenni in secondary school. In 1985 when she was just 15 years of age, she became pregnant with the first of her five kids, Janney “Chiquis.” Their marriage finished because José abused his significant other Jenni.

Marín abused his ex-sister-in-law and his kids. The family yelled out for equity, and José was shipped off prison for aggrieving his family.

José wedded Jenni Rivera at 20 years old. Several were honored with three kids Chiquis, Jacqueline, and Michael. Be that as it may, they split up in 1992 because Marín got charged for the instances of attack and assault. Jose actually and intellectually mishandled Jenni, for which he has served 31 years in prison. Any data is yet to be known with regards to Marín’s new companion up until now.

José was a Mexican-American bistro manager. He loves to travel and is a music sweetheart. His business vocation is his great type of revenue.

Jose Trinidad total assets

His total assets are assessed to be 600000 USD – 800000 USD. He was terminated from his work because when it became visible that Marín was mentioning to begin sexual relations with the specialists of the bistro.

Jose Trinidad family

In 1997, Rosie Rivera, Jenni’s more youthful sister, first admitted about Jose’s abuse. She said Marin attacked her and his own most established girl Chiquis. The actual appraisal uncovered that José was badgering his little girls Chiquis and Jacqueline. There are no insights about his dad and mom.

Also, In 1997, José Marín was condemned to 9 years of prison after the attack case was opened. Marín was sentenced to 31 years of detainment in April of 2006. With practically no opportunity to the retrial, he was sentenced to prison on the charges of attack and assault, reports Press-Message.

Marín and Jenni began dating in 1984, however later, in 1992, he separated from Jenni because his better half, Marín, truly abused Jenni. They have three kids together, Jacqueline, Chiquis, and Michael, whom Marín likewise badgering.

31 years jail sentence

There was a fight in court for around a year where Jose was viewed as blameworthy of his activities. The court condemned him to 31-years of life detainment. There was no chance of early parole for appropriate conduct.

All of Marin’s family were available in the court, including kids, at the conference. His oldest girl, Chiquis, who was a survivor of the badgering, said, “I just might want to let my dad know that I love him and I excuse him. He may not imagine that I love him, yet I do”. She was mishandled from age 8 to 12 yet cherishes her dad.

Passing of ex in a plane accident

On ninth December 2012, Jenni kicked the bucket in an air mishap. She was going in a Learjet 25, however, the plane slammed close to Monterrey, Mexico. She, alongside six different travelers ready, passed on because of this accident. Jenni was in the city for her melodic presentation. Tragically, the occasion didn’t end well in light of this episode. She was covered on 31st December 2012 in her old neighborhood of Long Island at the All Spirits Burial ground.

Jose Trinidad relationship status

Notwithstanding all charges on José, his little girls are as yet based on great conditions with him. He even called his little girl, Chiquis, at her wedding to give his approval. She even recorded her entire discussion with her dad, José, and she shared the whole episode in her YouTube Blog. The video shows that Jackie conversed with their father, gave the telephone to Chiquis, and said, “Hello, Father, I have your daughter here.”

The more youthful little girl Jacquie met Jose in 2017. She additionally posted pictures with her dad and requested that others excuse and allow him a second opportunity throughout everyday life.

This occurrence showed that Jose is as yet based on great conditions with his girls. Regardless of whether the young ladies had a horrible youth, they love their dad. Moreover, Jose has likewise acknowledged his wrongdoing, and he is making an honest effort to change himself into a decent man.

Is José in prison?

Gossip says that Jose is escaping detainment for his incredible conduct. On August 28, one of Trino’s siblings, interestingly, talked freely about José yet, in addition, said he didn’t know anything about the decrease of his jail sentence. “He’s well,” the person expressed. Rosie additionally responded to this, saying; she will have José take part in one of the meetings she runs for deliverers of sexual bother. Numerous people guarantee that he ought not to be set free from jail, which shows that individuals are as yet irate about this occurrence.


  • What is the period of Trinidad Marin?
  • Trinidad Marin is by and by 40 years of age. Trinidad has US citizenship and is of a blended race. He is knowledgeable as indicated by his schooling.
  • What are the total assets of José Trinidad Marín?
  • The key pay wellspring of José Trinidad Marín is his business profession. It is assessed that its net worth is between 600000 USD-800000 USD.
  • How did Jose Trinidad Marin get found out?
  • Jose Trinidad Marin got found out at his home for the charge of assault and rape.
  • Is Jose Trinidad Marin still in prison?
  • Indeed, Jose Trinidad Marin is as yet in prison for the charge of assault and attack.
  • What is the period of Jose Trinidad Marin?
  • Jose Trinidad Marin is as of now 57 years of age.
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