How to mix vintage garments and accessories during a fashionable approach

The development of modern design gives birth to a form that tends to be monotonous so that it often makes consumers feel bored. Some people then try to re-use objects of the past that are classic and of high artistic value. One of the design styles that is booming in the fashion world is vintage.

In the Oxford Dictionary, vintage means Old and of Very High Quality. This means that vintage is something old/antique either in terms of the age of the object itself or a new object made in an antique style that was popular in the past. The vintage concept has the impression of restoring the atmosphere of the past but does not leave a clean and tidy modern element.

Vintage can also be interpreted as goods that are produced today, but still have classic and antique models that can be reminiscent of the 1920s to 1970s. The word vintage in Europe was originally used when harvesting grapes, even today the word is still used in processing grapes into wine. Like wine, the older it is, the more expensive it is.

Vintage is used to describe something that is old, ancient but classic and has a high value. The objects in question can be fashion, furniture, jewelry, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Vintage has always had a strong attraction in the world of fashion. The reason is that these are garments that never go to the attic and that cyclically return to being in trend.

What’s striking about vintage is that nowadays, people under 50, Millennials in particular, love it: They’re a generation who didn’t live those years in their own skin, but who still want to discover them, through clothing, such as the vintage swing dress Canada. Not surprisingly, this trend that sees young people launching themselves on retro garments and accessories has a name: we are talking about the “modern vintage” style, a trend that seems destined to dominate this 2021, with a more energetic glamor tone than ever.

So let’s see how to combine these clothes and accessories in a modern way.

Why dress up in vintage clothes and accessories?

Dressing in vintage is beautiful and cool too: why? First of all because they sink their hands into a world that particularly cares about the sartorial component of fashion. Materials and seams are of excellent quality, therefore nothing to do with today’s fast fashion trend. Secondly, dressing vintage also means rising above average, differentiating yourself from others, thanks to the uniqueness of these original garments.

Of course we could not fail to mention the iconic value of many retro clothes and accessories: they have often marked eras to the point of having become a real symbol of that period. Wearing them is a bit like getting on board a time machine: you can travel through history, enjoying every facet of it. Finally, the variety should be emphasized: by opting for a vintage style, you have the possibility to choose an infinity of different garments.

How to dress with a vintage style

First of all, to embrace this style you need to choose a certain historical period, also based on your tastes. To give a concrete and very current example today, 1950 style dresses are back in fashion in an overwhelming way, due to their unique cut and the particular patterns of that decade. Having said that, since we are still talking about “modern vintage”, it is necessary to wisely mix the old with the new: if you choose a retro dress, for example, it is advisable to balance everything with a modern accessory.

Clearly this suggestion also applies to reversed parts. If desired, it is also possible to mix vintage clothes and accessories from different eras, such as a 60s coat and nice 90s trousers. Be careful not to overdo it, however: when choosing vintage, it is better to avoid too many retro details all together, because the outfit it would risk looking like a costume party costume.

Yes to vintage and retro, as long as you know how to creatively mix clothes and accessories, avoiding excesses, to obtain a sober and original style at the same time.

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