Global Efforts Synergize Through Music

We area unit The World” Shows Community Unity. The GoodOn April five, 2021. 5,000 radio stations across Africa. North America, Asia. China, and Europe.

Simultaneously compete “We area unit the planet.” a song that was written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. The song was made by the legendary Quincy Jones and turned around an easy idea: to unite

This kind gesture was initialized by Calypso music legend. Harry Belafonte. WHO initial contacted the top of the United.

Kragen then reached resolute Lionel Richie. whose woman passed the concept on to Stevie surprise the subsequent day. Then music’s best, Quincy Jones, signed on as producer and brought in Michael Jackson. the remainder is history.

Dan Aykroyd Jackie Jackson Cyndi Lauper Kenny Rogers

Harry Belafonte LaToya Jackson Kenny Loggins Diana Ross

Lindsay Buckingham Marlon Jackson Bette Midler vocalizer

Kim Carnes Michael Jackson Willie admiral Bruce Springsteen

Ray Charles sexy Jackson John Oates Tina Turner

James Ingram Quincy Jones Smokey Robinson The News

Project organizer Bob castrate. should are proud to check the fruits of his labor. grow to be sales of over three million copies in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, creating it the biggest-selling single at that point.

With sales of 1 million units within the initial week alone, “Do They grasp It’s Christmas?” assumed the position of being the fastest-selling single of all time within the U.K.

Another case of famine hit African nation in 1989. that crystal rectifier to a different reach of affection by sympathetic British music people: “Band-Aid II.” made by the hit-making Stock Aitken boatman, a district of the seventeen acts included:


Chris Rea

Cliff Richard

Lisa Stansfield


These artists et al.. banded at the side of the hope of putt. a lid on reoccurring monstrosities like starvation and poorness in Africa. Scotland? As so much as that event generated the foremost impact, the jury continues to be out.

Let’s get a fast glimpse. of a number of alternative ‘intentional. acts of kindness’ that the music community. conjointly created towards resolution dilemmas like cancer. America’s impoverished farming trade, and famine in Africa.

Nellie Briles Trevor Johnson Ricochet

Carol Chase C. Danny Lewis Eric Rigler

Robin Cole Ryan Marshall valley Russell

Coppola ischaemia McGraff Hal Schaefer

Tony William Curtis Olivia Newton-John Kevin Sharp

Dawn Vince Neil Mark Slaughter

Cahal Dunne Wesley Oliver Gabriella Weiser

L.C. timber Jim Peterick Stacey Woodson

Ken Griffey, Sr. Cathy Richardson Donnie/Johnny Van Zant

The “Live Aid” event was broadcasted from London, England, and urban center, Pennsylvania. It featured Associate in Nursing all-star lineup that showcased sixteen hours of performances by sixty acts.

Unfortunately, reports surfaced that not all of the funding went permanently. Some donations were entertained to finance. the operations of a dictator. WHO used the cash to reclaim land, inflicting Associate in Nursing calculable a hundred,000 individuals to lose their lives.

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