Dressing up like they used to be: Find out how to achieve a modern vintage look

A modern vintage dress such as this flapper dress Canada is not exactly a retro style, obtained with the vintage garments of the flea markets and boutiques, but a look that seems of other times even if it is obtained and built with brand new garments and accessories, proposed by the fashion brands of today.

Thanks to the vintage craze of recent years, the fashion of novelties tends to imitate patterns, shapes and styles of the past even in its new proposals, helping to create that vintage but actually new style that fills the streets and shops of today.

As for vintage, any fashion era can be mentioned precisely because fashion brands offer everything, freeing you from the need to go to a specialized market for a garment that is perhaps too delicate or ruined to really use it. So if you love vintage style, but used clothes are not for you, modern vintage is the perfect solution. So here are some items that could help you in your search for this look.

Beautiful and nostalgic: dresses and other items with a retro feel

A nostalgic look, not authentically vintage but inspired by an unspecified style of the past, will first of all need a load-bearing garment, such as a dress, a top, a shirt or trousers. To give you some immediate tips on how to get a modern vintage look, we recommend you go for a blouse if you are looking for a shirt. Blouses with puffed sleeves and bow on the neck are back in fashion, which alone will solve a style of this type. You can opt for cigarette pants for a 60s look and classic flared pants if you prefer a seventies style. For the dresses, then, you have the choice between maxi dresses with floral prints, typical of the 70’s, or 50’s style dresses with a wide skirt. In addition to classic sweaters, then, you can focus on crochet tops, which will be a real trend of spring summer 2021.

Bags like they used to be

To find a vintage style bag, even if it’s new, just look for a model and a retro line. Handbags can often be compared to vintage bags, because in the past decades they were widely used. By hand bags we mean both bowling or doctor bags, which are day bags, and clutches, more suitable for the evening.

Retro shoes, what a passion!

As for shoes, to get a brand new vintage style, you just need to focus on wedges, the retro style footwear par excellence. The espadrilles also recall an old-time style that contributes to a modern vintage look, as do the suede ankle boots, which immediately make you think of a 70s boho chic look. And then again, the ballet flats will make you feel like a new Audrey Hepburn in the 60s, while the slingback shoes, the shoes with the strap behind the ankle, even take you back to the 30s and 40s. In general, low-heeled shoes will easily give you a retro vibe.

The other accessories to have for a perfect modern vintage look

Among the accessories with which to quickly get a modern vintage style, there are certainly sunglasses. A round or cat-shaped frame is enough to instantly make you a testimonial of the retro look. You can also focus on the great comeback of brooches, to be pinned not only on pullovers but also on shirts, jackets and even trousers. If, on the other hand, you love cute and bon ton looks, keep an eye on the decisive return of headbands and clips for spring summer 2021! To not forget a real touch of style, don’t miss a hat!

Discover modern vintage looks to take inspiration from

It starts with pop diva Taylor Swift, a true fan of modern vintage style, and continues with style enthusiasts from all over the world, hunted by expert street style photographers. Through a few clicks, you would have several examples of what it means to have a modern vintage style. There are those who love wide skirts and 1950s blouses, those who focus on the 70s as a daughter of flowers, and those who know how to mix things up without mentioning a particular era, but creating more of a nostalgic atmosphere. Discover them all to get inspired too!

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