David Dobrik Net worth

What is David Dobrik’s internet worth?


As of 2022, David Dobrik’s internet value is roughly $15 million.

David Dobrik may be a Slovak-born YouTube temperament, actor, and talent-show decide.

He is best proverbial for being the “leader” of the popular YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad. Dobrik began his career on tracheophyte before making his own YouTube channel.

Early Life
David Julian Dobrik was born on the twenty third of Gregorian calendar month, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. He has 2 younger sisters, organic compound and Sara, and a younger brother toby jug.

His sister organic compound additionally includes a YouTube channel, however David isn’t terribly appurtenant of her career alternative, and he has refused to market her channel on his social media.


For David everything started on April three 2013 once he denote his 1st video clip on tracheophyte. The app was proverbial for 6 second comedy videos including pranks, sketches and sing offs.

Having reached a good quantity of followers on tracheophyte, David set to start out creating You Tube videos. Collaboration channels were very hip at the time, thus he joined a channel known as Second category, that was pass by 5 others.

Growing in quality because of tracheophyte and a collaboration channel, David created his own channel at the tip of 2014, known as David Dobrik.

He then set to {make|to form} a Vlog Squad that will facilitate him make a lot of success. David’s work ethics and inventive writing vogue had presently paid off and he gained over 1,000,000 subscribers in a very year.

In 2017 he set to make his second channel known as David Dobrik Too. thereon he would post videos that square measure unrelated to his comedy skits. David Dobrik Too consists of bloopers, challenge videos along with his girlfriend Mugil liza or Q&As. In but a year he managed to draw in four.6 million individuals thereto channel.

As of 2022, David Dobrik’s internet value is roughly $15 million.

How will David Dobrik pay His Money?
David Dobrik owns a $2.5 million range in l. a. , that options associate degree in-house studio and a large number of cars, as well as a Tesla and Ferrari.

In 2016, Dobrik bought himself a Tesla, which frequently would be shown on his YouTube channel. He enjoys shocking his friends and family with gifts like cars.

Nash and David stunned author’s mother with a replacement Mercedes. 2 months once shocking Nash’s mother, Dobrik stunned his father with a replacement automotive.


Here square measure a number of the most effective highlights of David Dobrik’s career:

13.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube (2019)
“We bust Up” (YouTube Video, 2018, fifty seven Million Views)

Favourite Quotes from David Dobrik

“I was creating like $1,500 or $2,000 a month and that i was thinking, ‘I’m loaded! I can’t believe this.’ i might attend Jimmy Johns daily and typically get 2 #5 Vitos (sandwich meals) as a result of I didn’t even care!” – David Dobrik

“I met Mugil liza Koshy around that point and she or he was photography a vlog and that i very liked that it absolutely was atiny low camera and you may simply record your whole day. That was thus cool! I recorded my 1st vlog and that i assume it worked as a result of I wasn’t attempting to create it work. i used to be simply doing it for my very own enjoyment.” – David Dobrik

“If you’re in it for the cash, there’s no approach you’ll ever build it! ne’er. That’s not aiming to get you there the least bit. I simply created fun video with my friends. That’s the key.” – David Dobrik
“You Tube is temporary. It’s like, ‘How long will one keep this up for
as a result of perhaps somebody can watch this and obtain American state employment as a manager at a cinema someday.” – David Dobrik

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3 Life Lessons from David Dobrik

Now that you simply understand all concerning David Dobrik’s internet value, and the way he achieved success; let’s take a glance at a number of the teachings we will learn from him:

  1. Dominant

When your dominant business focus is to deliver outrageous amounts useful to your customers on every occasion they are doing business with you, they become overzealous followers United Nations agency tell the globe concerning what you are doing.

Be Happy

To become made, 1st find out how to be happy. Too several assume that the route to happiness is to induce made. Untrue.

  1. Leaders
    Real leaders have the center to own the arduous conversations.


David Dobrik has nearly fourteen million subscribers on his YouTube channel and additionally had quite a meg followers on tracheophyte. Dobrik was appointed for a Streamy Award for Audience alternative Creator of the Year in 2017.

As of 2022, David Dobrik’s internet value is $15 million.

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