Business Mind Mapping – Your Map to seek out the Gold in Your Business

After browsing an evidence of mind-mapping and its advantages, and my usual apology for my evangelical zeal on the subject , one attendee jumped up and said “That is what my boss does! I never understood what it had been . Now I can’t only follow what he’s doing but bring my ideas and proposals within the same form. I feel that he will respond far more positively to my ideas.” Another attendee then told us the story of being interviewed by a reporter who was doing something that seemed strange at the time. He was taking notes on one sheet of paper on a clipboard, often turning the clipboard around, and writing just a couple of words at a time. It seemed impossible that this might end in an entire story but the article clothed to be complete and accurate.

Both of those people had not known anything about mind-mapping before our discussion within the seminar and yet the ‘picture in their mind’ of the prior situation, popped up because it matched the image being developed in their mind because the explanation unfolded.

It was as if that they had discovered gold — and that they had.

Once an individual starts mind-mapping their powers of innovation, understanding, communication, and memory are suddenly and forever enhanced. there’s gold in their future as a result.

What is mind-mapping?

It is an easy diagram on paper (or white board or computer screen) of how your brain would build the associations and connections between the key ideas and ideas using keywords, pictures, and symbols of a subject . Only the essential key words or symbols are written and drawn supported how the ideas connect. this is often exactly how your brain stores and retrieves information.

You start with the most topic, question, or problem within the center of an outsized piece of paper set horizontally. Draw one line out from the middle for every single word sub-topic. you’ll add as many sub-topics as you would like but only write one word or a brief phrase for every . Then for subsequent tier draw single lines with second level words, concepts, etc, each with its own line. If alittle symbol or picture are often substituted for a word, do so. The software programs available for online mind-mapping have libraries of symbols and pictures to drop into the map replacing a number of the words and making the mind-map even more vivid and memorable.

The process brings out creativity and innovation, even in those of you that are now saying to themselves, ‘But i can not even draw a line .’ most are creative. Everyone has the capacity to be creative. Mind-maps can help bring it out.

If an image is worth 1000 words, then a mind-map is worth 1000 pictures. Because it’s drawn the way your brain works, the map on paper creates efficiency in brooding about and storing the ideas. Big ideas and subjects are often visualized quickly and more completely. A mind-map begs people to ask questions and build understanding. it’s much easier to recollect a topic that you simply mind mapped. Pictures and concepts are easier to recollect than sentences and paragraphs.

For your next presentation consider rather than a linear presentation of slides, use a dynamically developed mind map of the topic . you’ll find that you simply can elicit ideas and discussion all from one slide or flip-chart. Whether it’s a customer audience or your executive team, they’re going to appreciate the direct, concise, and straightforward to follow presentation. Their minds are going to be engaged. Your presentations are going to be more organized if prepared employing a mind-map. it’ll be more convincing and easier to follow. it’ll have more endurance together with your audience because recollection is predicated on associations and connections within the brain and you’ve got helped your audience by illustrating the associations and connections in color and during a single design.

You don’t need to be an artist. In mind-mapping the connections are what’s important. Using only key words and connections you convey the ideas effectively. By adding color, emphasis, and symbols, you increase comprehension and memory. the simplest mind-maps are done freehand on large pieces of paper. chart paper turned horizontally works great. Large pieces of chart or other paper or a roll of paper are often taped to the wall therefore the mind-map can expand or several people work thereon .

When I saw mind-mapping for the primary time it slowly dawned on me what proportion it might have helped me during my a few years in class and therefore the thousands of tests I had taken. Anger welled up in my body. Why didn’t any of my teachers show me this studying tool, this miracle of how the brain learns new material? I had struggled with every subject that required memorization. The night before tests I got little or no sleep as I read an equivalent material over and over, took notes, highlighted, underlined, then went over an equivalent materials again and again. Studying by doing a mind-map of the fabric organizes it and brings it right down to its essence. you’ve got to try to to the physical drawing and you’ve got to possess thought through the key ideas and the way they’re connected. Then you’ll picture the entire map while taking the test.

The same technique works once you need to provides a speech or presentation.

To share or collaborate on a mind-map with others who can’t be within the same place at an equivalent time, a computer version of mind-mapping is that the best answer. These programs also allow you to save lots of a snapshot of your mind-map and include it during a Word document or PowerPoint presentation..

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